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This Site Goals and Development

  1. This site will be for members only.
  2. It will have 3 levels of security.
    1. members to view and make comments
    2. Trusted members can create posts
    3. Me only can see private posts.
  3. Plugins needed
    1. Absolute Privacy – Only logged in users can see this site
    2. Email Encoder – don’t allow the possibility of email addresses to be scimmed
    3. Private Post – Don’t know which yet but some of my blogs will be of a private nature revealing facts about some people that may want to preserve thier reputations.
    4. RPX – Allow users to register and login with Facebook, Google, AOL, etc.
  4. Not needed
    1. SEO – Not a public site.  Not letting search engines index or view anyway
    2. others
  5. t

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