1957 Ranchero Autos Projects

2011-03-23 1957 Ranchero Diassembly

I started the disassembly of the

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Site Favicon Editors

I want to edit favicon.ico so I have a custom icon in IE and other supported browsers.

I have edited them before but can’t remember whem or how.  Initially Windows Paint was opened when I opened the file but that is not much of an editor so I went looking for something better.

Starting here: I looked at: and  I will try to decide which of these to use as they both seem more than what I need.

I also looked at which is free and probably does all I need.



Here are some videos

Oby and Yoda playing on Youtube

More Oby and Yoda


Autos Projects

Old Cars

In an effort to keep computers from killing me with taking all my time and not providing significant physical activity, I have decided to spend some time working on and operating old cars. Since currently all my cars are over 12 years old, that covers them all. I will have articles and photos here. I will also keep some major milestone posts at:

1968 Ranchero Autos Projects

1968 Ford Ranchero

I purchased this Ranchero in August of 2010 intending to have something to work on but…

It was so much fun to drive and it looked so good already, I decided to look for something else to work on.

1957 Ranchero Autos Projects

1957 Ford Ranchero

In March of 2011 I purchased this 1957 Ranchero to restore. I will be updating this post with original photos as well as current. I will create new posts with the restoration progress as it comes along.

This Ranchero is mostly original and in good shape with the following exceptions:

  1. The floor pans are rusted to the point of non-existance. This has caused the body to sag slightly and there is nothing to bolt the seat to.
  2. There is some rust in the bed and tail-gate. Some of the bed will need to be repaired/fabricated but it is mostly in tact.
  3. The original 292 V8 runs but is tied to a 3 on the floor manual transmission. It came originally with a collum shifted automatic so I am looking for a transmission.
  4. The steering wheel is not original but I obtained a 1957 wheel from the seller.
Projects Web Sites

This Site Goals and Development

  1. This site will be for members only.
  2. It will have 3 levels of security.
    1. members to view and make comments
    2. Trusted members can create posts
    3. Me only can see private posts.
  3. Plugins needed
    1. Absolute Privacy – Only logged in users can see this site
    2. Email Encoder – don’t allow the possibility of email addresses to be scimmed
    3. Private Post – Don’t know which yet but some of my blogs will be of a private nature revealing facts about some people that may want to preserve thier reputations.
    4. RPX – Allow users to register and login with Facebook, Google, AOL, etc.
  4. Not needed
    1. SEO – Not a public site.  Not letting search engines index or view anyway
    2. others
  5. t

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