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Front Wheel Bearing Replacement on 1998 Gran Prix

The left front wheel bearing is making noise.  I need to replace it.  I found the following videos that will probably help:

The parts will probably come from 1a Auto due to price.  $100 for set of 2 with tie rod ends.


I will do some more research and update this post later.

2014 – 03 – 30 Update.
I ordered the bearing hub assembly and tie rod ends listed above from 1A Auto.  They should be in before next weekend.  I’ll start the disassembly today?  :)

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Strut Replacement on 98 Gran Prix

I replaced all 4 struts in an effort to reduce noise.

Daily Junk

Removed Gas Tank from 57 Ranchero

I removed the gas tank today because the spare wheel well would not drain and was full of water.

Thee tank was full of water as well.


Cup 10001

Cup Sope Mandarin Gold Y8942-K



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Mom’s in the ER

Mom called me this morning complaining that she could not open a bottle of water or orange juice. I went over and found she had a knot on her back bigger than my fist

Daily Junk

Mom might go home today

I’ve been here most of the day it seems but I haven’t really. Started the day trying to fix a problem with my computer backup. It has not backed up since February the second. The error message indicated a read error on the disk but did not say which disk and both the C and D drives failed. After scheduling a check disk on both drives, I noticed I had 14 pending updates from last week so I installed them and rebooted around 6:00 am. At 11:00 it was still working on free space on the 1.5 tB D drive so I went to the hospital to see mom. She said the doctor said he would start the discharge paperwork. After checking with the RN, who said she did not have any paperwork, I decided to go get a few things done. I went to mom’s bank to get signature cards and Cindy Crews called and said she was in town and wanted to see mom. I told her I was in a meeting but mom was at St. Michael. After I finished at the bank, I went back to the hospital and saw Cindy and mom. Then I went home and found my computer still doing check disk on C drive. I let it go till it was scanning free space and rebooted. It came close to booting the first time but LogMeIn and QuickBooks both reported that C:\$Security was missing or corrupt. Then the computer shut itself down and never came back up again. I booted off removable drive and found the mentioned file with a length of 0 bytes. The drive did not show up on all utilities so I assumed it was time to kill it and restore but remember it has been a couple of weeks since last backup. That’s what started this whole mess. I had some network issues, I’ll discuss elsewhere. I installed a USB network interface and started the restore of the C drive. It was going to take an hour or two so I went to bank and made a cash deposit since I could not do a paycheck. Then to hospital again. The nurse came in and started a new IV antibiotic and said mom was not going home today. I went home to check on restore. It was locked up. It did not seem to like the USB interface so I found drivers for the integrated NICs and started again. Then around 4:10 Amy texted me that they were going to discharge mom today. I called Dr. Trann and let them know to expect mom tomorrow. I called the home and they said the hospital would call them and they would come pick her up. I called Amy and told her I would come over in a while and see the process. I got to the hospital around 6:00. After visiting a few minutes, I went to cafeteria and got supper. The crab cakes were a big disappointment so I went back for the ham and salami mufilita. It was even worse. I got back to the room and during report at 7:00 pm, I overheard that they were waiting on miss Hollowell son to show up and that her discharge papers were in her chart. I walked to the door and told them I was here. There was a misunderstanding. When Amy told them I was going to be in, they assumed I was taking her to the nursing home and did not call them. I said I could take her but that was not the plan. They said ok I could take her soon. About 7:45 mom said she was in pain and needed her Trezix. I went to nurse to get my Trezix back and they didn’t know anything about it. An intern heard the conversation and suggested it would be in lockup. They found it and I gave her one. Then I get the word that they did call the nursing home and they were on their way to get mom. That may or not sound like all day but it is 8:45 and I am still here.

Life Sories

New Years Company

Getting ready to travel. Today we will be picking daughter and grandson up from lr airport.

1957 Ranchero Autos Projects

I purchased a 1957 Ford Ranchero as a restoration project.

This Ranchero is mostly original and in good shape with the following exceptions:

  1. The floor pans are rusted to the point of non-existance. This has caused the body to sag slightly and there is nothing to bolt the seat to.
  2. There is some rust in the bed and tail-gate. Some of the bed will need to be repaired/fabricated but it is mostly in tact.
  3. The original 292 V8 runs but is tied to a 3 on the floor manual transmission. It came originally with a collum shifted automatic so I am looking for a transmission.
  4. The steering wheel is not original but I obtained a 1957 wheel from the seller.

For photos and more detailed descriptions see Registration required.

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1957 Ranchero Autos Projects

2011-11-06 Named 1957 Ranchero

We came up with a name today!

I suggested Leia as in Princess Leia and a girls name but Jeryl suggested the Greek fire goddes but could not recall the name.  I researched and found the name was Hestia.

Hestia has a much more interesting story than I am interested in but I think that Jeryl should get to name this one so I can hold it over her head someday :).

Here are some links to some information about Hestia.