Making Dos Fritos Quatro Queso

A new idea I got from Denny’s is to improve their Bacon Cheese tots?

I’m going to start with some small (tiny) potatoes. Two pounds were 16 potatoes in the bag. I put 13 in the microwave to get done enough to hollow out. I will refrigerate them next to make them firm enough to work.

I’ll continue these tomorrow.

Well maybe in a couple of days. I cut each potatoe in half trying to get as much surface as possible on the cut to minimize the depth when hollowing out.

I will now stuff them with four cheese grated blend. Eventually I will make my own secret blend but for now just Walmart.

Now to fry them till the bacon is crispy and drain for next step.


One comment here is I probably should not have overstuffed them. In hot oil it took about six minutes to cook the bacon and the exposed cheese may have fried away. I recommend being able to seal the cheese in while frying the bacon.

Now we will prepare some batter to dip them in before the last fry.

Life Sories

Finally I am SINGLE

Friday I put the rest of Jeryl’s stuff in her truck and got it out of the yard. I now live by myself in my own home for the first time!

Life Sories

Robin was wrong

Robin converted 11:00 central to 10:00 eastern. And admitted being wrong. 


Life Sories

Dry Cleaners Ate my Shirt

I went to pick up a couple of shirts today and when I walked up to the counter, one attendant said to the other that Brad would have to talk to me. I said that didn’t sound good. As it turned out, one of their machines cut the collar of one of my shirts. Good thing there were two since I needed one for the wedding this weekend. They said they could give credit if that was ok. I ask how much, $15.00?  They said it was up to me so I said $100.00. They had a very fearful look in their eyes and went silent. I had to say it ok $15.00. They agreed. Now comes the interesting part. I don’t think the girl talking knew how insulting what she said was but the other attendant recognized it instantly. She said how about $10.00 credit and not pay for the cleaning today?  When I said that trying to rook me out of another couple of dollars was low, the other attendant said no!  $15.00 and no payment today. The first one actually thought it was a good deal since the bill was over $5.00. So I had to explain to her that I was not going to pay for cleaning the shirt they destroyed. 

All was good. 

1998 Grand Prix

Replaced the AC Door actuator on Denise

The actuator has given problems before but I just reoriented the gear away from the crack.  It worked for a while but eventually slipped to a position that quit again.

The new part came in and I replaced it.  I once found a procedure for diagnostics or calibration but can’t find it today.  Looks like pulling the fuse long enough to reset the AC control module will do it.

Looks like it is fuse 28 in the glove box fuse panel.

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2015-03-08 Replaced idle control valve and wiper blades

I replaced the idle control valve after cleaning the old one did not help the idle stall problem.  In fact it would not idle at all after cleaning it.  173560 miles.

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2015-03-07 cleaned up and found the panties 

Found panties under hood.  I need to find the photos but I found some lacy panties under the hood of the Gran Cherokee Tracy sold me.

2000 Dodge Intrepid

2015-03-06 Intrepid dies

the intrepid is not going to be repaired

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2015-03-05 Got 1998 Jeep

After the intrepid died last night, I borrowed this Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo from a friend while the intrepid was under repair.

My friend told me he was in no hurry to get it back and was going to sell it anyway. He would sell it to me for $1500.00. I thought tha was a good deal. The safety sticker and registration had expired so I got them renewed.

Since I subsequently purchased the vehicle, I will include some photos here.

Daily Junk

Front End Allignment General

I am developing the skills, tools, and procedures for front end alignments at home.  Here are some videos I found that will help.

Toe.  Seems that the string method is sufficient for toe adjustment.

Camber.  The angle from vertical of the tire when straight.

Caster.  The change in camber when tire is turned.