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Lowe’s Fence Install

Here I am going to try to document the fence install. It was a disaster.

2019-06-19 – Signed Contract and paid $8510.23. Expected start date of 2019-07-12. Expected completion of 2019-07-17.

2019-07-22 – Work commenced.

2019-07-24 – Installer reports completion. I inspected the install and signed off on completion around 4:00 pm. I did not do a thorough inspection as I thought I was getting a professional installation.

0830 – Got a call from a neighbor that a tree had fallen on the fence. I came home to find the main gate covered up with a large limb from the nearby pecan tree.
Contacted the insurance company and filed a claim. Contacted the installer and explained the situation. Will provide more info to each as it becomes available.
Began a cleanup of the tree to be able to assess the damage. Paid a tree service $400.00 for the cleanup.

2019-07-26 – Contacted the installer and provided photos. He would prepare list of materials and provide to Lowe’s for a repair estimate.

2019-xx-xx Ordered a new solar panel

2019-xx-xx Ordered new batteries.

2019-08-14 – Gave up on getting an estimate or repair from Lowes. Went by and ordered a new gate so I could install it. Paid $270.03.

2019-08-18 Lowes called and said they weren’t sure I had ordered a gate?

2019-08-19 – I went to Lowes and got my money back on the gate and asked to talk to the store manager. He made an appointment with me to come look at the fence about 2:00.
I met him with the salesman Wesley. They agreed that the install was substandard. They agreed with my complaints as well as noticed several other discrepancies. They told me not to expect anything in a week or two. I again ask for a repair estimate for insurance.

2019-08-23 – Lowes called and said they needed me to pay for the new gate before they could continue. They took a payment over the phone. They called back 10 minutes later and said I would have to come by and make the payment in person.

2019-09-10 Tuesday It has been more than 3 weeks. I called and was told that I would get a status and estimate on Friday.

2019-09-08 Sunday. Changed the batteries.

2019-09-13 – Lowes called and said they had the gate and would contact me later in the day with a repair schedule. Never heard back.

2019-09-14 Saturday. The gate operator started beeping on operation. Checked voltage. Battery was 11.9 V. Adjusted solar collector to catch more sun. In 10 minutes the battery voltage was greater than 12.1. Decided to see if this would keep the batteries charged.

2019-09-16 Monday. 0700 – The gate failed to open due to dead batteries. Replaced with a fresh set.
0930 – Called Lowes and Terry said he would call the installer and call me back. Never heard back.

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