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Lowe’s Fence install 2019-09-23

10:00 Got a call from Rick Fields. Fence installer said he needed to talk to me about the list of discrepancies. I offered to talk but we wanted me to come to the site. I said I would be home about 5:30 and could not take more time off work for him. He indicated that he could not continue and got off the phone.
The installers then loaded my gate back on the trailer and left.

11:00 I emailed Lowes about this and Asked what was going on.

12:47 I got a call from Terry Sloan. He said the installers would be back Saturday. He was working Saturday and could be onsite if needed too.

15:44 I got a call from Charly at Lowes. He had gotten an email from Corporate. He is researching what is going on. I told him about Terry’s Saturday idea. He said he might come out as well.

16:11 I got a call from Terry. He had talked to the owner of the company that did the install and his own boss. Larry, the owner of the installer company will be joining our party on Saturday. Terry’s boss may also be there. Everything is a go for Saturday.

After reviewing the video from the installer visit, I have made a few observations.
1. I was impressed that they actually got a tape measure out and measured post height.
2. The cussing that my neighbors could hear was a little embarrassing.
3. When they loaded my gate on the trailer, they walked on it rather than around it.
4. When they closed the 10 ft. gate, they just dragged the pin across the concrete.

I am going to make a few suggestions for the managers that all parties involved should act professionally while on site or in front of a customer. This includes language and respect for the property of others.
Also, after discussions with Kay, I am just now figuring out that when I ask for the store manager on August 19, I didn’t get the store manager, I got the install sales manager. I should not have been deceived like that!

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