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Lowe’s Fence install 2019-09-20

Installers are supposed to be here this morning but…
10:17 I sent Terry Sloan the following email:
The installer called me Wednesday and explained that he would not be here Thursday and would be here Friday morning.
It is after 10:00 am and I haven’t heard anything else.
I rearranged my schedule and took today off work instead of yesterday based on that phone call.
You don’t want to know how I’m feeling right now.

10:52 I got a call from Terry and he apologized for the installers not coming but explained that they could not pour concrete in the rain. He had talked to the installers and they would be there Monday.
Not much else to say here. I took today off for this and am not going to try again Monday. They will just have to do the best they can on Monday and I’ll inspect it at my leisure. Probably next Saturday. Can’t pour concrete is an excuse for not wanting to work in the rain. Anyone who is knowledgeable about concrete knows that rain won’t hurt unfinished concrete unless it is so hard that the rain is running through the pour. The only real problem with pouring concrete in the rain is keeping the unmixed concrete dry until it is mixed. Not really a problem for resetting a few fence posts. I’ll go another few days with an unprofessional fence install.

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