Daily Junk

Lowe’s Fence Install 2019-09-17

09:30 2:40 – After no call from Terry yesterday, I called again. Terry apologized for not calling me back. He had talked to the installer and the installer would be contacting me today. He was going to install the gate at no charge. I explained that I had also been promised an estimate for my insurance company. He promised that Wesley would call me with that when he got back to the store.
12:26 0:44 – Terry called and said he had a quote for me. He ask how I wanted to get it. He offered email and I gave him my address.
12:48 1:00 – Terry called back to make sure I got the quote. I confirmed it was in my junk folder and would look at it after lunch. He also said the installer would be there Thursday morning.
13:30 – I took a look at the quote and discovered it was worthless. It is a quote for replacing the gate. Nothing else. Useless. I will be voicing my displeasure!

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