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I Ran Over a Truck Tire Last Night

Last night I ran over a truck tire on the interstate on the way back from Little Rock.  Yesterday is another story so I will try to write an article about it later.

Long story short, I was driving about 70 mph and came up on what appeared to be a fairly complete tire hull from an 18 wheeler.  I saw it in approximately time to avoid it but it would have been dangerous.  I opted to straddle it.  It of course did some damage to the car.  I will use this as an excuse to replace the now broken front air dam or chin spoiler and front belly pan.  I will try to get under it and inspect for more damage today.  I like the idea of replacing it with the SRT parts that provide front brake cooling air.

The support member is also broken.

Looks like the front bumper cover needs to be popped back in place.  I plan to remove the bumper cover while replacing the chin spoiler.

There are a couple of studs damaged.  This one broke off.  I will try to epoxy a stud to the bottom of the floor pan to hold this plastic cover on firmly.  It is OK for now but needs to be repaired before a long high speed trip.

This the other one.  It is just bent over severely.  It is still holding the heat shield on and I probably won’t do anything with it until the heat shield needs replacing.

The front belly pan doesn’t look to be in bad shape but I will probably replace it when replacing the spoiler.  I want to replace the spoiler with the SRT8 version that requires replacing the front belly pan too.  Total cost for both parts is less than $200.00.

It may be hard to see here but the support member that is inside the spoiler is also broken.  I’m not sure what this part is but may visit the dealer and see if they can figure it out.

As you can see, it is quite ugly from the front.  I will either remove the spoiler all together or (more likely) as a quick temporary fix, drill a few holes and cable tie this back together some.

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