Life Sories

Dry Cleaners Ate my Shirt

I went to pick up a couple of shirts today and when I walked up to the counter, one attendant said to the other that Brad would have to talk to me. I said that didn’t sound good. As it turned out, one of their machines cut the collar of one of my shirts. Good thing there were two since I needed one for the wedding this weekend. They said they could give credit if that was ok. I ask how much, $15.00?  They said it was up to me so I said $100.00. They had a very fearful look in their eyes and went silent. I had to say it ok $15.00. They agreed. Now comes the interesting part. I don’t think the girl talking knew how insulting what she said was but the other attendant recognized it instantly. She said how about $10.00 credit and not pay for the cleaning today?  When I said that trying to rook me out of another couple of dollars was low, the other attendant said no!  $15.00 and no payment today. The first one actually thought it was a good deal since the bill was over $5.00. So I had to explain to her that I was not going to pay for cleaning the shirt they destroyed. 

All was good. 

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