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Login and Registration

Here are some details about how and why to register for this site.

I need a place to keep a log of mostly my actions and stories.  Also some logs of personal or family business.

I’m a little paranoid about just putting this out on a public site so this site has some basic security to prevent unauthorized users access.  I will be publishing some public content but most of this site is dedicated to confidential family info or stories about my family and friends that should not be revealed to others.

Please register for the site and call me.  I will then give you access to the appropriate content.



Projects Web Sites

Site Favicon Editors

I want to edit favicon.ico so I have a custom icon in IE and other supported browsers.

I have edited them before but can’t remember whem or how.  Initially Windows Paint was opened when I opened the file but that is not much of an editor so I went looking for something better.

Starting here: I looked at: and  I will try to decide which of these to use as they both seem more than what I need.

I also looked at which is free and probably does all I need.

Projects Web Sites

This Site Goals and Development

  1. This site will be for members only.
  2. It will have 3 levels of security.
    1. members to view and make comments
    2. Trusted members can create posts
    3. Me only can see private posts.
  3. Plugins needed
    1. Absolute Privacy – Only logged in users can see this site
    2. Email Encoder – don’t allow the possibility of email addresses to be scimmed
    3. Private Post – Don’t know which yet but some of my blogs will be of a private nature revealing facts about some people that may want to preserve thier reputations.
    4. RPX – Allow users to register and login with Facebook, Google, AOL, etc.
  4. Not needed
    1. SEO – Not a public site.  Not letting search engines index or view anyway
    2. others
  5. t