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Getting Ready to Sell the Rancheros

I need to post the Rancheros and the sail boat on Craig’s list.  I’m going to put some photos up here and a description.

Dolphin Senior 15ft. Sail boat. $250.00
It needs some fiberglass hull repair and a sail.  Trailer needs lights, winch, maybe tires.

1957 Ranchero. $2000.00
This Ranchero is mostly all original.  Exceptions are the seats and engine breather.  I believe it came with a column shifted automatic but currently has a 3 on the floor.  It has working power steering.  292 Y block V-8.
It was driven into it’s current location in 2011 when I bought it.  I have spent some time on disassembly but done no restoration.  The floors are completely rusted out but everything above the running boards is in pretty good shape.  It will be a great project car.
Most of these pictures are from the day I purchased it.  It is basically the same now except dirty and partially disassembled.

Isn’t that sweet

1968 Ranchero.  $5000.00
Daily driver.  Most of these pictures are from when I bought it and are for reference.  They are pretty accurate representations of it’s current condition except for the damage showing in the last picture.  I parked too close to the edge of the carport before I got used to it.


1968 Ranchero Autos Projects

1968 Ford Ranchero

I purchased this Ranchero in August of 2010 intending to have something to work on but…

It was so much fun to drive and it looked so good already, I decided to look for something else to work on.