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1957 Ford Ranchero

In March of 2011 I purchased this 1957 Ranchero to restore. I will be updating this post with original photos as well as current. I will create new posts with the restoration progress as it comes along.

This Ranchero is mostly original and in good shape with the following exceptions:

  1. The floor pans are rusted to the point of non-existance. This has caused the body to sag slightly and there is nothing to bolt the seat to.
  2. There is some rust in the bed and tail-gate. Some of the bed will need to be repaired/fabricated but it is mostly in tact.
  3. The original 292 V8 runs but is tied to a 3 on the floor manual transmission. It came originally with a collum shifted automatic so I am looking for a transmission.
  4. The steering wheel is not original but I obtained a 1957 wheel from the seller.

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